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About The Happy Dragon Reptiles


Happy Dragon Reptiles is located in Dallas County. We have a passion for pets and are serving Mesquite and surrounding areas. We are currently working out of our home in Mesquite, TX providing education programs through the A.R.K. Adventures program.


We work with local reptile rescues to help find homes for abandoned pets and are always on the look out to find these wonderful pets forever homes. CONTACT US or call (469)  463-9733 if you have a reptile pet that needs to be re-homed or if you are looking to adopt a reptile as a pet.

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We also build custom enclosures and hand made one of a kind decor for just about any type of reptile check out our Video!  Happy Dragon Creations

If you have a pet lizard, snake, frog, etc... and you need a special place for your pet to call home let us know what your needs are and we will be glad to help.

(Prices will vary depending on need.)

Do You Like Reptiles?

Do you want to learn about Reptiles?

Do you want to Hold Live Reptiles?

Then come Join The A.R.K. Club!!

It is our mission to educate people about reptiles in a fun, safe and interesting manner. We are proud to Host the A.R.K. Adventures Program. A program that lets us accomplish our mission. You will get to See, touch and even hold our Amazing Reptiles!

We Come to your location! Birthday Party, School, Library, Museum, City Events, Festivals etc...!  

Let the FUN begin! 

Come see what we are doing! 



We are proud Members of Dallas Fort Worth Herpetological Society

Visit my Animal/Reptile Show in Mesquite page on Gig Salad

Live Reptile Adventures
Live Reptile Adventures

Live Reptile Adventures

A.R.K. (Amazing Reptiles for Kids) A.R.K. Birthday Parties and other special events EDUCATIONAL FUN & SAFE FOR ALL AGES!

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